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Video ADS - video

Video ADS

Mobile video is transforming the way users consume ads and is the fastest growing category when it comes to digital media spend. This translates into a more engaging experience for users, higher ROI, and higher CPMs.

Inneractive’s advanced video capabilities allow you to buy and sell video programmatically, at scale. Our video transcoding technology automatically adapts desktop formats to mobile – allowing advertisers to leverage the same creative across devices.

Our video ad offering includes:

  • Pre-roll Video
  • Native Video (STORY)
  • Interstitial Video
Native Ads (STORY) - native

Native Ads (STORY)

Native ads appeal to today’s savvy mobile users and work best with mobile, thus generating high revenue for publishers. Native ads create a natural, less intrusive user experience due to the identical look and feel of the ad to the app.

Introducing STORY - Inneractive’s native display and native video. STORY offers publishers the ability to maximize revenue by creating incremental real-estate, and advertisers to improve reach, viewability and ROI.

Our native video ad unit is unique:

  • The ad is featured in consecutive ad slots or until user completed view to optimize completion rates
  • Scroll-to-pause and Auto-resume features to improve viewability
  • Ad starts playing only when it is 99% in view
Display Ads - Interstitial

Display Ads

To ensure publishers have control over their properties and can offer their users various ad experiences and maximize monetization, and allow advertisers to increase their reach and vary the way they engage with their audiences, Inneractive also supports a wide range of display units.

The following IAB compliant mobile display ad units are available, programmatically:

  • Native Display (STORY)
  • Interstitials
  • Banners

Our available ad units

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