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Finding your way through the mobile advertising minefield is a challenge. All sorts of things can prevent you from unlocking the true potential of your properties. The Inneractive Exchange (INNEX) is the answer – it was designed to simplify, streamline and optimize the process of selling your valuable supply to ensure that you maximize your revenue. Period.

User Experience

Your users should be more than satisfied – they should be happy. A combination of innovative, engaging programmatic creative solutions and flexible demand control options will see that they are. And that they keep coming back for more.

Actionable Insights

We understand not everyone shares our love of spreadsheets. So we go the extra mile with the reports we provide you. By separating the signals from the noise, we arrive at insights and recommendations you can use to continuously improve and refine your activity.

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Case Studies
Pedro JaharaCEO at RevMob 


“Our partnership with Inneractive brought more innovative campaigns and higher eCPM rates to our publishers. This partnership helped improve performance, producing fill and eCPM rates that both sides were comfortable with, and demanded a very collaborative environment between the two companies.”
Andrew LeeCo-founder and CEO at Stuckpixel 


“I love Inneractive’s console and reporting mechanism, I have to look at reports every day, Inneractive’s is the easiest. Reporting is always in real time for all my ads. Many of my fellow publishers get their reports via email. With Inneractive I get live reporting which I can trust.”
Bill AlenaChief Revenue Officer at MeetMe 


“The Inneractive team is highly experienced and constantly provides actionable insights to improve our understanding of both technology and business opportunities. We feel Inneractive understands the challenges we face in this fragmented ecosystem and provides the best combination of technology and service that gets us closer to advertisers.”
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Innovative Ad Units

Mobile is at our core. We know traditional ad units are losing effectiveness, especially on mobile. This is no surprise, because mobile is a special medium that must offer ad experiences tailored to its unique characteristics. We believe native and video are the formats that work best with mobile, appeal to today’s savvy mobile users and generate the most dollars to publishers. We also believe in the efficiency and scale of RTB. So we invest in building programmatic creative solutions that enable our publishers to enjoy both worlds seamlessly and equally.

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Next Generation Reporting and Analytics

Publishers need data to constantly measure and optimize monetization as well as to enhance the user experience. Raw data is captured on so many fronts, yet cataloging and gleaning insights from it are still major challenges. As one of the first mobile ad platforms, Inneractive has been hard at work creatively addressing such challenges to establish and implement best practices. Auto-insight-generation and personal hands-on consultations combine to create one of the most comprehensive intelligence solutions available.

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Inneractive Exchange Innex

The Inneractive Exchange (INNEX) is one of the most sophisticated automated mobile ad marketplaces anywhere. Advanced features like Unified Auction to enable parallel bidding by RTB and non-RTB demand sources, Dynamic Floor Pricing and the ability to programmatically power offline deals via private pipes really set it apart from competitors. Flexible demand control options as well as brand safety monitoring solutions like the proprietary AdWatch tool introduce a unique blend of features into a premium programmatic environment.

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Over 150 Select Global Demand Partners

With our built-for-mobile ad exchange, you get more than cutting-edge technology; you also get instant programmatic access to over 150 mobile-specific, active demand partners, enabling you to seamlessly drive relevant display, rich media, native and video ads to your mobile properties.

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