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Case Studies
Pedro JaharaCEO at RevMob 


“Our partnership with Inneractive brought more innovative campaigns and higher eCPM rates to our publishers. This partnership helped improve performance, producing fill and eCPM rates that both sides were comfortable with, and demanded a very collaborative environment between the two companies.”
Seth SocolowSVP Strategic Partnership at Airpush 


“The key benefit of Inneractive’s White Label RTB Solution is having its technology easily facilitate business relationships between Airpush and both International and US programmatic demand, thus supporting the development of our brand.”

RTB Solution

We invest substantial time and resources to perfect and simplify mobile ad technologies. In a rapidly changing market, we want to make our technology accessible to those who can value from it themselves.
Our first white-label solution captures the essence of Real-time Bidding (RTB) technology and makes it available to mobile ad networks, supply aggregators or super publishers, to complement and enhance their solutions.

Introducing the Inneractive White-label mobile RTB Solution:

  • An incremental, powerful, RTB-based sales channel
  • Immediate integration to over 70 top global mobile DSPs
  • Ability to create customized private pipes for guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals
  • Sophisticated dynamic, property and audience-specific floor pricing capabilities
  • One API integration to drive display, video and native at scale
  • OpenRTB2.3 protocol support
  • Granular analytics and Metamarkets©-powered reporting
  • Ad quality and when will generic viagra be available safety monitoring and management via AdWatch

White-label SDK Solution

Our white-label SDK is a holistic solution for client-side mobile ad serving supporting all ad unit types and sizes. The platform builds requests, enriches them with data, plays the ads and handles events. It also includes the following features and benefits:

Support for the latest and most commonly used mobile ad serving protocols such as VAST and MRAID

  • Built in anti-fraud mechanism that blocks auto-redirects
  • Integration with leading third party viewability vendors such as Moat
  • Fully customizable native advertising settings
  • Enhanced video player, which handles all events and unwrapping of VAST tags
  • Ability to extract accurate data that enable better targeting
  • Backwards compatible with Android/iPhone OS versions
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